Episode 5- What’s the Difference? Active vs. Passive Business Income

July 4, 2017

As businesses mature and succeed, decisions need to be made regarding the most effective way to grow the wealth that is accumulating in the corporation. This week Phil discusses the difference between active and passive business income, and how they are impacted by corporate and personal tax rates.


Episode 4-Getting Sale Ready

June 15, 2017

Are all your ducks in a row? Hear what three local business experts share about getting your business ready for sale from their unique perspectives. 


Episode 3- Highwires and Safety Nets

May 18, 2017

In this week's episode, Phil decides to run away and join the circus! Not entirely true, but any entrepreneur will tell you that running a business can often feel like an acrobat on a highwire. We'll explore the challenges that can cause you to lose your footing, and how to protect yourself if you fall.


Episode 2-Six Key Steps to a better Financial Advisory Relationship

April 6, 2017

Welcome to this edition of our podcast, where we’re going to talk about 6 questions to help you, as a business owner, select a financial advisory relationship.

So we can start with why, asking the question

Why is it so challenging to find a financial advisor that’s a fit for you, the owner operator of a small to medium enterprise?



Getting a Round Tuit-Introductory Episode

March 16, 2017

Welcome to the introductory episode of our podcast series, "Getting a Round Tuit, Advanced Financial Planning for Business Owners". This podcast will focus on addressing the questions around planning that are common to entrepreneurs operating an owner managed business.